Training & Development

Coldwell Banker University is the #1 Training Platform in Real Estate.  If you are ready to dedicate several hours per week (in the beginning) to learning the business and preparing yourself, then we will ensure you gain all the skills and information necessary to be successful.

The first step: 180 Days to Success. This program guides new agents as they learn about the industry and the basic steps you can follow to success. We use BluePoint™ as the foundation of this program, which guides you through Coldwell Banker University courses, our weekly in-house training sessions and special seminars (based on timing and availability).  eFastStart is another Coldwell Banker program designed to get you up and in business as soon as possible. Boo$t is a program for experienced agents, to further develop skills and grow your income potential.

No matter what stage you’re at, if you have a passion for real estate, helping clients and continuous learning, then we have the tools to make you successful.

Teaching you the fundamentals is something we at Coldwell Banker take seriously. Learning the "Systems" in place at Coldwell Banker Supercity/Mariana Cowan Home Selling System takes time.

Weekly Training

Our in-house weekly training sessions are tailored based on our agent needs and new program launches.  Ian Smith, our Broker, delivers this training each week in partnership with many resources.  Other trainers within Coldwell Banker Supercity Realty include the well-known Mariana Cowan, who has over 27 years of experience in the Halifax and South Shore real estate markets.  We also have marketing training from our in-house experts: Tom Edmonsdon-Matthews and Sarah Hallam.  Joenna MacDonald is one of our Licensed Assistants, who also provides training support.


"Mentoring and Coaching Program"

There are three main coaches at Coldwell Banker Supercity Realty dedicated to ensuring you have a successful career. Mariana Cowan, Ian Smith and Joenna MacDonald are always available on an as-needed basis, or by request, to help with any topics you struggle with, or to answer questions that arise.  Each real estate transaction is unique and with their combined 50+ years of real estate experience, you can be sure that all your questions will be answered quickly.

To learn more about your custom training plan, please contact Ian Smith today!